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Teh Twitz.

Squamous horror plotline notwithstanding, Herm has itchy paws (or should we say voices).

Herm: New blog post: Periscopean http://hellhound.net/blog/2658 #
Anke: @Herm Yay, a blog post! :D #
Herm: @Anke Only a ragecomic, I'm afraid. XD #
Anke: @Herm Better than nothing. It's cute. :D #
Herm: @Anke Ninja star = Weft's fault. #
Anke: @Herm Doesn't he get in trouble when he loses those? :P #
Herm: @Anke Am sure I can arrange a beating for him if you'd like to spectate. #
Anke: @Herm Noooo :( #
Suitov: @Herm I will veto it. #
Herm: @Suitov he no yours you mine #
Suitov: @Herm Don't care will think of something Machiavellian #
Herm: @Suitov Stop hanging around with Jim #
Suitov: @Herm Just for that will think of something Moriartian too #
Moriarty: @Suitov Have sex with him then have him killed? #
Suitov: @Moriarty ...All right, back to plan A it is. #