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Riddles are shiny.

(Reposting this old piece so I can more easily find it. One line tweaked to make it generic.)

I found a fragrant pebble;
When I smelt it, out he came.
He turns quite green with envy
If left out in the rain.

I could trade him in for silver
Or beat him 'til he's thin;
Reduce him to a third
if I boiled him in a tin;

But cruelty's corrosive
So I treat him as a friend,
In hopes that I'll be hearing
A purr there at the end.

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Because your day needs more cyanobacteria.

Holmes: [Your 'anonymous' gift of another skull was] Very thoughtful. Algernon [the original skull] has been craving intelligent conversation lately and I've just been too busy to acquiesce. #

Moriarty: Treat him better. He might get jealous and depressed, and we all know how toxic a bloom in blue-green Algy can become. #

Jim Jim Jim do you need to get laid or what.  >:o

EDIT: Yes. Yes, he does.

Not the most sensible behaviour

Changing your email address on LJ causes a confirmation email to be sent to your email address (the one you're changing to, haha, fail).

When you visit the validation link, it redirects you to a page assuming you're a new member and would you like to see Livejournal 101, n00b?




Pony with ridiculously short legs, a horn, and feathered wings, using her ultimate attack

Mayflower, the shortest-legged pony in the UK, uses her ultimate Crataega Operandi attack - Equipulchritude.

So this is, um, Mayflower the (real) Shetland pony using her ultimate attack, which is coincidentally similar to Problem Sleuth's.

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RPG gaming style

(gaming stylezors quiz)

You Scored as Tactician

You're probably a military buff who wants to have the chance to think through complex problems. You want the rules, and your GM's interpretation of them, to match up what happens in the real world or at least be consistent. You want challenging yet logical obstacles to overcome.

Method Actor
Power Gamer
Casual Gamer

Ha. Not. I'm mostly driven by fun, which for me is largely tied into a good story, good roleplaying and humour. I like laughing at my character (indeed, often play their traits for laughs), not just with, and if the DM does something evil to them after I roll a critical fumble (seriously, that Frosted Smoke d20 is this close to wearing the Cone of Shame) I'm often overtly delighted.

I enjoy victories most when they're in the form of a difficult battle fought with perfect coordination, as we did in Pathfinder the other week. Not that I like to play other people's pawns for them (I'll happily both give and receive tactical advice, not being the most familiar of us with game mechanics), but I expect the others to do their part, which I generally define as protecting my often-squishy boys so they can do interesting, glowy things.

I like the level of realism we end up with in our games, which is solid (if you do that to a goose it will bite you; if you run downstairs and mount your horse in the middle of the night you'll either have to spend time saddling him or incur some extra difficulties riding) but in keeping with the game rules's simplified model of reality. I play RPGs for teh magicz, not to simulate real life as closely as poss.


Feb. 25th, 2011

Jim is really pissing me off, the little show-off. ;)

Andrej is such a legend. Ha. But I never really have the urge to meet celebrities in person. I like his pictures, and that's fine for me.
Having too much fun editing the Godville wiki.

Godville is a ZPG, like Progress Quest. Nothing you write in the wiki affects the game; it's purely for the lulz. The original article was so bad that now I have wiki privs, I was honour-bound to change it for the good1 of my guild.

(Also, if anyone wants to play, comment and I'll send you an invitation.)

1 Chaotic Good, judging by that evidence! Personally I think all Heroes are chaotic, what with their attention spans.


Commenting FYI

I'm getting some spam, in spite of setting captchas on for all anonymous commenters, so I'm afraid I've had to screen anonymous comments journal-wide.